Snickel Lane -Urban Art Award

Connecting to our people and communities.

In collaboration with the Elam School of Fine Arts, the Snickel Lane Urban Art Award provides the opportunity for a student to create and display a public work of art, while developing essential industry skills.

The $10,000 award was established by Argosy in 2016. It is awarded to Creative Arts and Industries students at the University of Auckland, who are in their final year, or undertaking postgraduate studies.

The mural by a graduating Elam artist will be displayed on the main wall of Snickel lane and updated each year. Snickel Lane is currently home to an eclectic mix of small, one-off operations with the right mix of personalities. This includes Altezano Brothers coffee, a florist, Japanese and Spanish inspired restaurants and a Polynesian poke bar (Ika Bowl).