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All over New Zealand, StarJam inspires young people with disabilities (our Jammers) to express themselves through music, dance, singing and performance. Our workshops, gigs and discos are fun and exciting spaces for Jammers to grow in confidence, discover musical and perform

Argosy has a community partnership with The Spirit of Adventure Trust (The Trust). In 2020, Argosy, in conjunction with the Trust organised the 2nd annual Pirates and Pizza day for Star Jam

Pirates and Pizza Day - by Mary Ansell, StarJam CEO

Being invited by Argosy to sail on the Spirit of Adventure was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for many of our Jammers.

The excitement was already building before the moment they were greeted on board by the many Spirit of Adventure volunteers, to donning their pirate hats and waving their swords. StarJam parents and team alike were excited to be a part of this special time. The captain for the day told me he was inundated with volunteers wanting to be a part of this voyage and it showed. The crew were amazing with the Jammers, helping them to navigate the steps, hoist sails, tie off ropes and giving as many of them as possible the chance to take a turn at the helm and steer the magnificent ship.

The morning tea of scones made in the ships galley was a huge favourite with the Jammers but the look on their faces when Team New Zealand flew passed then turned and came back again to wave to the Jammers was a truly magnificent sight. An impromptu dance took place up on deck without any music with many Jammers joining in. Who needs music when you’re happy and you want to show it.

Having the opportunity to go on the Spirit of Adventure, as one parent put it, is an “experience of a lifetime” for our Jammers.

The anticipation and excitement from everyone was palpable even as we waited on the dock to board. As I made my way around the ship once we were at sea, I witnessed countless moments of Jammers trying new things, learning new skills and simply being delighted to be there!

Argosy thank you again for offering the Jammers such a special opportunity; the look on their faces throughout the day said it all. When we docked they were so full of the trip sharing their highlights while eating the pizzas - a perfect end to a perfect day.

Mary Ansell, StarJam CEO

Thank you Argosy for the incredible opportunity and for the lasting memories made. Just last week one Jammer told me that when she’s feeling down she looks at the photo of us on the Spirit of Adventure because it always makes her happy! That to me is invaluable.

Amber Gribble, StarJam Auckland Coordinator