Sustainability Report

Argosy is one of New Zealand’s largest commercial landlords. We own a diversified portfolio worth over $2 billion across industrial, office and large format retail investment property.

We recognise that sustainability is essential to the continuing success of our business and the impact it has on the natural environment is of growing importance to our stakeholders. Our stakeholders include tenants, investors, employees, suppliers and the communities in which we operate.

Our overarching purpose is to reduce our impact on the environment, create vibrant environments, engage more with stakeholders and provide transparent and effective governance. Argosy’s sustainability framework is supported by four pillars – reduction, creation, engagement and sustainability. With this framework now in place, Argosy is well positioned to move forward over the next decade with even clearer goals and a broader lens around value creation for all stakeholders.

We are focused on greater engagement, investment and contribution to the communities we live in. Our community partners do amazing work with many children and families most in need and we will continue to support their endeavours over the long term. As one of New Zealand’s largest commercial landlords, Argosy is in a unique position to make a real difference. Accordingly, we have reset our long term social aspirations to making a much bigger and more positive impact.

We are always striving for outstanding performance, we do not compromise our ethics or principles. We place great importance on honesty, integrity, quality and trust and Argosy will aspire to maintain the highest standards of corporate behaviour and accountability.

View our 2022 Sustainability Report here.