Health & Safety

We are committed to health and safety in the workplace and the aspirational goal of Zero Harm

We have a responsibility to deliver and maintain a safe workplace for our employees, tenants, contractors and the public.

We strive to create a positive safety culture. It is important that we manage health and safety risks, provide adequate training and resources and ensure that managers and individuals are accountable for their actions or inaction. We have developed seven key strategic goals to provide a safer work environment. 

  1. We proactively identify risks and implement actions to eliminate, isolate or minimise the risk of harm.
  2. We consult and actively engage with employees and contractors to ensure they have the training, skills, knowledge and resources to maintain a healthy and safe workplace
  3. We maintain and continually improve our health and safety system.
  4. We actively encourage our contractors and tenants to demonstrate the same commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety performance as we do.
  5. We support the health and wellbeing of staff and encourage the safe and early return to work of injured or ill employees.
  6. We comply with relevant legislation and regulations.
  7. We accurately report our incidents and investigate root causes, in a timely manner.

Making Progress

Protection for our staff, contractors and tenants is paramount and we have made excellent progress in achieving our seven strategic goals by implementing key initiatives like monitoring risk mitigation controls; providing ongoing training and appropriate equipment to staff; conducting spot health and safety audits and employing a dedicated Head of Health and Safety & Compliance to lead our health and safety program. 

Seeing Results

We have been awarded "Tertiary Status" in ACC's Workplace Safety Practices which is the highest level of achievement possible and represents "best practice" in health and safety compliance.