The impact of Argosy’s business on the natural environment is an increasingly important consideration for all our stakeholders. Argosy recognises that an important part of our responsibility and central to ensuring a sustainable business, is to focus on the reduction of this

Argosy owns a diversified portfolio of industrial, office and large format retail investment property. We recognise that sustainability is essential to the continuing success of our business and is of growing importance to our stakeholders. Our stakeholders include tenants, investors, employees, suppliers and the communities in which we operate.


1. REDUCTION. Managing and reducing the impact of Argosy’s operations on the environment, primarily carbon emissions.

2. CREATION. Creating well designed, vibrant and sustainable spaces for tenants and their staff to work, prosper and flourish.

3. ENGAGEMENT. Greater stakeholder engagement and influence – delivering positive outcomes in communities we operate in. changing lives. saving lives.

4. SUSTAINABILITY. Improving the sustainability and resilience of our business by focusing on a wider range of outcomes over and above financial returns.

Click here to see our GRI energy and emissions disclosures for the year ending 31 March 2022.